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Our mission


McRae Technologies, LLC (mTek) is focused on building relationships with our clients. Developing software, researching technology stacks for new projects, locating long-term resources or ramping up temporary help for a short project are things that we do... Working so closely with you that we understand and care about the success of your business as much as your own employees is why you will partner with us over and over again.

So who are we?


mTek is a Custom Software and Website Design firm based in Southern Indiana serving the Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN markets locally as well as our clients across the nation.

Founded in Indianapolis by Nick McRae in early 2010, mTek started as a "micro-consulting firm" working for a variety of clients. We have since had multiple repeat clients as we continue to build relationships and expand our firm. While we are not a traditional staffing agency, the clients/talent we deal with during our consulting engagements are usually very similar. We decided in 2013 to offer this service as yet another way that we can help our clients achieve their technology/business-related goals.



We have worked in Healthcare, Finance, Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction and more. Because technology can have such a meaningful impact on nearly any business, we pride ourselves on on being able to quickly acclimate to different environments, companies and industries.

Some of our clients include Angie's List, Hatworld/Lids and Navistar.

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Our History

McRae Technologies, LLC was founded and began working on software consulting projects for Hatworld/Lids in Indianapolis at their headquarters.
After nearly 3 fantastic years in Indianapolis, McRae Technologies, LLC moves to Southern Indiana.

Our first product, Relayd™, is debuted at the One Southern Indiana Business Expo.